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Equipped with two boom boxes and a Radio Shack mixer,

13-year-old Matt Schenck figured out how to record the music he and his friends were making in his parents' basement. This would send him on a journey that would continue throughout his life. 10 years later, he found himself in Philadelphia supporting himself as a bike messenger. It was there where he met The Disco Biscuits, a band he would spend the next few years in the studio with and on the road, truly starting to shape and tune his abilities.


He spent time in Tulsa, OK rebuilding and operating the original home of Leon Russel's Shelter Records studio.
This is where he met the person who he would see as his mentor and friend - producer, Steve Greenwell. After moving to New York City and spending some time in Greenwell's Midtown Manhattan studio, he made his
way downtown to the world-renowned Germano Studios New York working elbow-to-elbow with the music industry's top stars and artists.

After a few years spent building studios, both in the farmlands of Southern Kentucky and the Hipster-Infused neighborhood of Nashville, Matt has returned to Philadelphia with a whole new focus and direction that includes quite a bit of Live Production.


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Matt Schenck Recording & Production
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